Mobile Coupons have a redemption rate as high of 20%

Many mobile couponing clients see redemption rates as high as 20 percent or more, and some claim their redemption rates from mobile coupons  are eight times greater than their emailed coupons.

A little upfront work is needed to build a strong mobile couponing ecosystem. It is not just about slapping a bar code on a text message, as many people think. What is on the screen is just one step in the mobile couponing process.


The issue here is validating the offer and tracking redemption. Let us first examine a paper coupon and see what mobile coupons are up against.

When a consumer walks into a store with a coupon from her Sunday circular, the store clerk checks validity looking at it to ensure it is not a copy, and perhaps even feeling the paper. 

The clerk then tracks redemption by taking the paper coupon from the consumer and sticking it in the register so that it can be counted later with the cash.

This natural process is not so natural with a coupon trapped within a phone. Unfortunately, the clerk cannot simply stick your phone in the register’s till.

A strong mobile coupon program requires five steps: (1) offer creation (2) unique code generation (3) distribution (4) validation and (5) redemption. 

Mobile Coupons are the wave of the future. Visit our website at to see how we can help.


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