How LinkedIn Today Will Change Your Social Media Life


LinkedIn has announced the launch of LinkedIn Today, a social news product for business users that the company hopes will turn its site into a can’t-miss daily destination.

Up until now, LinkedIn didn’t offer enough fresh information to be useful in daily life; well-connected Internet users don’t check LinkedIn every day the way they might with, say, Facebook or Twitter. LinkedIn Today aims to change that.

The product, part of LinkedIn’s attempt at delivering unique insights about users’ business connections, is essentially a social newspaper that displays stories based on an algorithm that weighs what your connections are looking at, what industry professionals are interested in, and which stories have been recommended, Tweeted, or posted on Facebook.

Users can search stories by news source or by industry. By selecting “Online Media,” for example, we can see that the top story is about LinkedIn Today, and that the story is trending in the Marketing & Advertising, Internet, and Online Media industries. Users can also check out their top headlines on LinkedIn’s updated iPhone app, and on Twitter feeds for each industry. The whole thing is based on an algorithm–there is no editorial curation from LinkedIn.

Rest of article from Fast Company


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