Are ad agencies holding up mobile advertising?

Mobile’s multifaceted role can be challenging to embrace and activate, which could leave traditional advertising agencies behind in understanding the medium and how it should fit into an overall marketing strategy.

According to mobile advertising specialists, some agencies understand mobile while others do not. To get all the agencies on board, mobile advertising companies need to give agencies the ability to more easily create and execute mobile campaigns at scale.

“Some agencies do and some don’t understand mobile,” said Paran Johar, chief marketing officer of Jumptap, New York. “The good news is that by in large, Madison Avenue has embraced mobile much faster than they embraced the PC Internet.


“The reason for this is that most holding companies saw what happened in the early days of the Internet with independent interactive/digital agencies that took the lead and they don’t want history to repeat itself,” he said.

“Consequently almost all of the major agencies or holding companies now have dedicated mobile divisions or agencies that help their clients and their internal teams learn about the enormous potential of mobile advertising.”

Simplifying mobile advertising
Although some advertising agencies do not get mobile, the majority of them do. They understand the importance that mobile plays in the multichannel strategy.

Mr. Johar said that most agencies are buying into mobile, since the number of RFPs from agencies is increasing at a phenomenal rate.

Additionally, the types of advertisers are diversifying and the renewal rate is increasing regularly.

What is key is making advertisers smart about their mobile advertising through targeting and simplicity in buying and tracking.

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