How Petco uses Social Media successfully

1. The PETCO brand has developed a strong presence in social media. Customers can ‘like’ the brand directly from the home page, there’s lots of activity on the Twitter account, there’s a YouTube channel and The PETCO Scoop produces some great blogging content. How did the development of all these accounts start?

Like many companies, our social media efforts started small and grew organically. Today, we have a team of folks dedicated to PETCO’s social media presence. People are passionate about their pets, and we want to give them an avenue to connect with each other, talk about their pets and experiences, and share our expertise with them.

2. What does your role of Community Manager entail at PETCO?

The Community Manager role boils down to 3 main tasks:

  1. Monitoring
  2. Planning
  3. Posting

I monitor all of PETCO’s social channels AND mentions of PETCO elsewhere on the web. I also review our competitors’ channels, pet related channels and other retailers. I meet regularly with the other members of the social team and colleagues in other departments to decide what we want to talk about in the coming weeks and months. And, finally, I’m responsible for posting or approving all content on our primary social channels. While some of the content is suggested by other departments to support PETCO campaigns, deals, etc., it’s up to me to write the actual copy and make it appropriate for the social space.


Rest of the Interview by Shawn Hessinger


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