Why the mobile Web is key to a marketer’s future?

By Kalie Kimball-Malone

After a 96 percent increase in worldwide smartphone sales last year, the present rollout of 4G networks by major carriers and the unprecedented success of the iPad, 2011 is poised to be the year of the mobile Web. This will have an enormous effect on how marketers interact with their customer base.

The good news: new marketing, social media and promotion opportunities. But in most cases, these opportunities will require companies to rethink, reengineer and redeploy mobile versions of their Web sites that are optimized for the evolving demands of people using the mobile Web.

Growth in the market
The meteoric rise of smartphone sales is not slowing down. In fact, sales of smartphones may eclipse PC sales in 2012.

With Verizon Wireless on board, sales of the iPhone are going to again break records this year, and Android’s market share is increasing. All this, and tablets challenging the iPad will make a big splash this year as well.

Whatever the device, adoption is way up. And customer research has shown that browsing the Web is a key selling point. With 4G networks rolling out, the barriers to a good mobile browsing experience will be fewer.

All this means a lot of new users accessing Web sites that have been designed for desktops, and it is bound to result in some behavior changes, if they are frustrated by usability.


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