Half of mobile search queries have local intent: Bing exec


Half of searches done on mobile have local intent

ORLANDO, FL – A Bing executive at CTIA Wireless 2011 revealed that 50 percent of search queries on mobile have a local intent with users searching for restaurants, movies and other forms of entertainment closest to them.

During the “Mobile Search – Finding the Right Answer” session, panelists discussed mobile search and how it has been talked about for years. However, in the era of smartphones, app stores and rich-media browsers, it’s a whole new game.

“The way that we think about search is that historically, it’s all about the Web,” said Andy Chu, director of product management for Bing at Microsoft, Seattle. “Where search is going in general, in mobile, is how we can help consumers complete tasks.


“That’s the whole motion,” he said. “Search on mobile goes beyond the topical Web and links.”

The panel was moderated by Derek Kerton, principal analyst at The Kerton Group, San Francisco.

Mobile search
Universal search is being featured front and center because with so much content available, a single search needs to bring back the consumer’s contact information, media and information from the Web.

Additionally, advertising and commerce are blending well on mobile devices and are driven by the fact that most users are searching on mobile devices to do something or to buy something, per the panelists.

“We’re going to see much more deeper integration with search,” Mr. Chu said. “Search is all about speed.

“Also, besides the voice features, you can use the camera function to search,” he said.

According to Mr. Chu, many Bing users are searching for places near their current location, as well as for entertainment such as movie tickets.

The company noticed a spike that begins on Wednesday – for restaurants, entertainment and bars – and goes into Saturday.

“When Wednesday comes, around noon, that’s when activities start happening,” Mr. Chu said.


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