Location-based mobile offers key to driving in-store visits: CTIA panelist

By Rimma Kats

March 24, 2011


ORLANDO, FL – A panelist at International CTIA said that 2010 was the year of mobile apps, but in 2011 retailers will shift their focus to delivering relevant, location-based offers to consumers on their mobile devices to drive them in-store.

The “Hit the Target: Location Based Advertising” session explored location-based services and how they promises big returns through linking a user’s physical location with key consumer demographics. The panel was moderated by Linda Barrabee, research director of connected intelligence at NPD Group, Boston.

“I think 2010 was the year of apps and everyone was trying them and playing with them and now those apps and all the other solutions are starting to scale,” said Allistair Goodman, CEO of Placecast, San Francisco. “Now, it’s about the reality of delivering relevant offers to consumers that drive them in the stores and being able to measure that.

“We track visits to a store and we’re seeing anywhere from 11 to 35 and sometimes 50 percent of consumers that are actually going into stores after getting served an ad and in many cases making purchases,” he said.

Deal me in
According to the panelists, delivering highly relevant deals and incentives are key to getting consumers in-store.

Consumers are past the desire of simply getting served an ad. They want to see deals and they want to see local retailers and restaurants offering them an incentive to come to their locations.

“It’s about the geofence,” said Mort Greenberg, head of sales at Navteq, New York. “The smaller your fence, the smaller your volume.

“Now there’s almost a demand for location-based services,” he said. “If you can tell someone how close they are to your location, it should improve their ability to click on the ad.

“Brands want to transact and sell products through that mobile channel.”

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