Location-based marketing can increase average order value, frequency, loyalty

While privacy concerns persist, adding a location component to a campaign gives mobile marketers the opportunity to increase the relevancy of their messages and make them immediately actionable.

Following the Mobile Marketing Association’s best-practice guidelines and getting the consumer to opt in via SMS or before downloading a location-based application should take care of most consumer privacy concerns. In addition, location-based mobile marketing is all about relevancy and communicating a clear value proposition to the brand’s target audience.

“When done with the consumer top-of-mind, and with their explicit permission, location-based mobile services can provide benefits to both the retailer and the consumer,” said Stephanie Bauer Marshall, Washington-based director of new market development at Verizon Wireless.


“Adding location as a dimension can increase the relevancy to the consumer and provide a more meaningful response to the retailer, making it a win for all parties,” she said.

“There’s an opportunity to add creativity as the use cases get more sophisticated, but we should always remember, location should be one element of a marketing campaign, not the only element.”

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Pinpoint Advertising Agency can help with Location Based Marketing


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