Mobile most effective medium for initiating dialogue with consumers: Experian


Mobile’s their support

Businesses working to integrate mobile into their marketing mix have the ability to prompt immediate response and establish a two-way dialogue with consumers, according to a study by Experian Marketing Services.

As smartphone usage and market penetration continues to grow, the mobile channel is a sure investment for marketers today, regardless of industry or target market, per Experian. As time goes on and technology advances, mobile marketing will become more cost-effective and cross-channel-friendly.

“Consumers are becoming more amenable to mobile marketing and advertising,” said Bill Tancer, San Francisco-based general manager of global research for Experian Marketing Services. “Marketers should recognize that in today’s digital mobile age, mobile marketing is a two-way communication and both directions need equal consideration.


“First, consider that consumers are pulling information in the form of checking prices and reviews via their mobile device, but they are also becoming more accepting of pushed content, specifically in the format of specific coupons and promotions,” he said.

“Even with growing acceptance, there’s room to grow in mobile commerce, with only 36 percent of consumers indicating that they intend to engage in shopping activities from their mobile device.”

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