Mobile barcode use is growing exponentially: 3GVision

Today see’s the release of the latest stats burst from global mobile barcode enabler3GVision. Collecting usage stats from it’s i-nigma barcode scanning system, today it has released the most recent report for global barcode use.  According to the report, barcode use is continuing to grow exponentially around the world, picking up speed with every passing quarter.

What’s the news?

  • The number of barcode scans around the world in Q1 2011 is 61.9% higher than it was during the same period last year
  • The world leader in barcode scans, the USA, saw growth of 181.1% this quarter compared to Q4 last year… and 630% over Q1 2010!
  • The visibility of QRcodes in particular got a major injection from large brands and retailers, including Heineken, Pizza Express and SKY network.
  • These stats DO NOT include Japan – the barcode market there is so far advanced over the rest of the world that it’s not statistically relevant.


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