10 Quotes To Examine Your Business By

April 15, 2011By Anita Campbell

Inc Magazine held its Growco conference April 6 -8, 2011.  I attended — and the speakers were excellent.  So I picked out 10 quotes to make you think harder about your own business and where it’s headed:

  • “Instead of being ‘heads down’ we should be ‘heads up’ so we can spot trends”This is according to Josh Linkner,  the Founder of ePrize, a venture capitalist, and now bestselling author of Disciplined Dreaming. If you don’t stop and look around you, you miss the big picture – and you can’t look ahead. Are you taking time to look “up” in your day?
  • “I have no good ideas. I ‘steal’ them from my staff.” Said by Duane Jebbett, CEO of Rowmark, a plastics maker from Ohio.  The point here is NOT about taking credit for your employees’  ideas.  It’s actually the opposite — it means to empower your staff to think and solve problems on their own.  So, are you encouraging your employees to come up with good ideas?  And do you adopt their ideas, or do you ignore them because they are not your own, as if their thinking doesn’t count?

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