Why digital out of home, mobile and social should be BFFs

By Jeff Atley

This year will see a set of very different digital screen mediums all but collide – and that is a good thing.

Mobile marketing, location-based services, social media and digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising are all angling to reach, engage and influence consumers when they are off the love seat and going about their busy days. All of those mediums are more effective when they are working together.


The mediums could all get out their hankies, start dabbing tears, look at each other, and say: “You complete me.”

Here is why: No one of these mediums can be fully effective by operating in isolation. Location and mobile need awareness. Social needs people, lots of people. And DOOH – ad-driven digital screens in public spaces – wants and needs engaging content and the start of interactivity.

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