Apple buys domain name iCloud for $4.5 million

Apple just bought the domain name for $4.5 million, according to an Om Malik source.

The obvious reason why Apple would do this would be because it’s releasing a big, widely anticipated cloud computing service and it’s going to be called iCloud.

Apple’s MobileMe service that syncs up your emails and contacts and stuff through the cloud is well-regarded but little-used because it’s expensive and Google has similar services for free. Plenty of people are waiting for Apple to “get” the cloud and come out with an innovative, free/cheap cloud service of some sort. After all, it’s going to use that huge new secret datacenter for something.

It might be nothing. Apple often trademarks and patents stuff it has no real intentions of releasing, just to hedge its bets. Or Malik’s source could be wrong.

Then again, iCloud would be a pretty ridiculous name (regular people don’t know what “the cloud” is), and Apple likes to release products with ridiculous names. So who knows.


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