How Do I Get People to Like My Brand on Facebook?

It’s a tricky question most marketers are asking themselves as brands’ presence on the world’s largest social-media platform grows by the day. And the answer is one many companies might not want to hear. It can be done, but it will take time, effort and — yes — money.

The now ubiquitous “like” button appears all over the web via Facebook Connect, but perhaps nowhere does it leverage more weight than on a brand’s official Facebook page. The number of fans a brand can attract on Facebook serves as public indicator of its social worth, and more “likes” means more impressions on the real-time newsfeeds of self-selected fans.

But the number of people who like a brand doesn’t directly translate to the number of impressions that a brand makes with its posts. And, of course, not all likes are created equal. As Facebook continues to evolve and remain a powerful marketing channel, marketers should keep some fundamental questions in mind when casting a social-media net. Because ultimately, Facebook is about keeping your fish happy and healthy once you’ve caught them.

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