More major trends in mobile marketing

April 13, 2011

By Naesa Decastro

As mobile continues to grow, small and medium sized business doing mobile marketing are going to experience a year of changes that will incorporate both the transformational and the incremental. Here are just a few of the trends that industry and marketing experts forecast :

Coupons: They get lost, forgotten, left behind or they expire. Look for augmented reality to start playing a larger role in location-based advertising. When you’re walking into your favorite coffee shop, the real-time mobile coupon you receive gives you instant gratification with your discounted cup of java.

Safe Text: Governments and safety advocates around the world have been warning about the dangers of texting and driving for some time. In 2010 you can expect technology solutions that disable handset features when the owner is driving.

Social Networks: As social networks continue to grow, businesses are investing more in community building as a marketing driver. According to the recent study released Deloitte, 94% of businesses will increase their investment in online communities and social media and, for the majority of these companies, their marketing function will drive this investment. The new marketing emphasis has shifted toward persuasion through fitting organically into the consumer’s social sphere.

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