61pc of wealthiest Americans own smartphones: 84% under 50

Approximately 61 percent of the 22 million wealthiest individuals in the United States own a smartphone, indicating a potentially untapped market for about 8 million smartphones, or 39 percent of the affluent, according to a recent study by American Affluence Research Center.

According to the data, 22 percent of those surveyed own a tablet, meaning that there is a probable untapped market 78 percent of the affluent. The study was able to dissect the ages and demographics of individuals, along with types of devices.

“There is so much talk about pervasiveness of mobile devices, but it’s important to understand who has these devices and how they are using them in order for people to market effectively through them,” said Ron Kurtz, principal of American Affluence Research Center, Atlanta. “It’s interesting that affluent have a smartphone or tablet, so clearly this is a medium in a way to reach people.

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