Reaching affluent consumers via mobile

By Ivan Braiker

Luxury brands know better than anyone that affluent consumers are highly particular about the things that they purchase.

Whether it is this season’s new Christian Louboutin pumps or that straight-off-the-showroom-floor M Series BMW, affluent customers usually know exactly what they want. The same can be said for the ways in which they shop.


As early adopters who place value in being among the first to have a coveted item, affluent U.S. consumers are more likely to carry a smartphone or tablet.

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These affluent consumers are also likely to appreciate extraordinary customer service and show willingness to spend more on products and services when value is established.

So, while impeccable service, exclusive offers and personalized content are all important elements for luxury brands, it is also key to take into account the customer’s on-the-go, connected lifestyle.

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