Why marketing programs should begin with mobilemobile

By Shaheen Kazi

While mobile has been held as the promising new medium, it has really been applied somewhat as an adjunct to most brands’ main marketing programs.

Over the past couple of years, mobile has proven itself, demonstrating to marketers that it packs a powerful punch.

In 2010, we saw definite movement towards dedicated budgets for mobile advertising and marketing – a significant departure from the year before where marketers were reluctant to do more than dip toes into mobile waters with small discretionary spends.

The result was mobile advertising and marketing spend more than doubling and nearing the $1 billion mark in the United States alone, according to multiple sources.

Each time that mobile was tried for marketing programs, it proved itself with better results than traditional online in terms of target response.

Some visionary marketers are beginning to see how mobile can turn established marketing practices on their head and become the lead into marketing programs instead of the add-on.

Why and how can mobile become the foundation on which most, if not all, high-impact marketing programs are built?

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