Facebookers Giddy Over A Mystery Bank “Buying As Many Shares As They Can” At A Huge $80 Billion Valuation

A source tells us “a major bank,” is “buying as many shares of Facebook as they can at $35 per share.”


Facebook has about 2.3 billion shares outstanding, so this rumored purchase price values the company close to $80 billion.

The source doesn’t know the name of the bank, but suggests it could be UBS. UBS declined to comment.

Another source in the market – an active buyer of Facebook stock, actually – was incredulous at the rumored price.

“No one is paying $35,” he said in an email. “[The] market is $30.”

But in a much smaller transaction than the one rumored here, private company stock market SharesPost says it just completed an auction of 100,000 Facebook shares at $35 a piece.

With prices so high, many former Facebook employees aren’t waiting for an IPO to cash out.

Says our source: “Some ex-Facebookers selling as many shares as the bank can eat.”

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