3 pressing issues facing retailers and marketers using mobile

By Chantal Tode

June 7, 2011

Marketers are looking for the best ways to reach consumers via mobile

There is no doubt that mobile is growing, but the industry faces several pressing questions if it wants to continue moving along the same path.   

Mobile applications and the mobile Web have grown quickly in the past couple of years to the point where well-known national brands are regular players in the space. However, mobile is still fragmented and marketers need to be thinking two or three steps ahead if they want to meet consumers’ needs easily and efficiently.

“Mobile advertising – whether through mobile bar codes, on the mobile Internet or via applications – is now no longer a trial medium for marketers,” said Laura Marriott, chief executive officer at NeoMedia Technologies, Atlanta, GA. “Mobile has the ability to breathe new life into traditional and digital campaigns, enabling engagement with the consumer on impulse.”

But because mobile is such a personal communications channel, there are specific issues unique to mobile marketers must address while still keeping their eye on the overall marketing strategy, per Ms. Marriott.


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