Mobile CTRs 50p higher than standard: study

Mobile banner advertisements are 50 percent more likely to be clicked on than standard Web banners, according to a study by MediaMind.

Additionally, the research found that iPhones deliver the highest click-through rates. The study looked at 230 million mobile ad impressions served by MediaMind.

“Advertisers should allocate some of their budget to mobile, and leverage crosschannel campaigns to increase overall effectiveness,” said Ariel Geifman, principal research analyst at MediaMind, New York.

The study found that mobile advertisements were opened by 61 percent of participants. However, standard Web advertisements were only opened by 7 percent of consumers surveyed.

Additionally, the study reports that standard Web advertisements have slowly slumped with click-through rates in the past few years.  In 2006, 15 percent of Web advertisements were opened.

The research says that this widening gap between mobile and Web click-through rates is due to the size of mobile advertisements. Mobile ads tend to take up a large part of the screen and also only usually include one advertisement per page.

When it comes to mobile devices, Apple leads the pack, per the study.

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