How to get people to call you back?


Yes it is a telephone. The problem is that I can’t figure out why people do not return phone calls. Am I alone? I know, you expected to read an article saying that I figured out how to get business owners, marketing professionals, or other potetial business partners to call you back. I am sorry, but I have not figured it out. As a matter of fact, I am hoping that some of you might have a few good ideas. I am not just talking about people that don’t know me or have never talked to me before. I am also talking about people that have requested i call them, or that I have met with and they expressed interest in our products. An exmple would be a situation that just occurred. I contacted an orginazation about being in a event they have coming up in a week. This looked at my product and said that it looked very interesting and that i would hear back from them in two days. Two days would be cutting it close in alowing enough time for preperation, but we could still manage. I waited for the phone call that never came. I emailed and called him to see what was going on. No response. Today, I receive an email from another individual regarding the program requesting information about our compnay to be included in the program brochure. I still had not heard back from the person in charge letting me know that we had been excepted. I than contacted the second individual and taol her my situation. She said that she would make a phone call and find out what was going on. At this point i still have not heard back and it is too late for our company to be a part of the program. I ay alll of this because this type of communication seems to be the norm these days. Don’t you think it would be easier to just tell me that you do not want to do business with my company than to drag things on day after day. Am i the only one who is experiencing this or are there others like me out there. Please let me know your thoughts and opinions. 


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