Business Owners Are Getting Sick Of Groupon And Groupon Clones’ Pitches

Matt Rosoff | Jul. 27, 2011, 1:53 PM 


A former LivingSocial salesperson recently told us that the industry is saturated and headed for a major shakeout.


Based on the attitudes of some restaurant owners in San Francisco, he’s right.

At a dinner last night hosted by social network marketing startup Roost, several restaurant owners said they were getting fed up with daily deals pitches.

Joe Hargraves of Tacolicious said that he has probably gotten 40 pitches over the last year from Groupon and other daily deals salespeople. He refuses them all — his prices are already low, and he doesn’t think he’ll gain anything by one-time discounts to people who otherwise wouldn’t be interested in his place.

Instead, he takes the several thousand dollars per month he would spend on daily deals marketing and other forms advertising and makes regular trips to Mexico, which helps him improve his product. He also blogs about his trips, which creates a much more personal connection to his customers.

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