SMS Text Message Marketing DOES NOT Work! Or does it?

SMS Text Message Marketing Does Not Work!


That’s what they tell me. When I ask why it doesn’t work, I have been told a number of different reasons. A few of them are “no one signs up for my program” or “people are opting out of my program” or “I sent a message out to my email list and did not get very many subscribers”.

The result is the attitude that sms text message marketing does not work. Well, what I found out is that is does not work unless you have a plan. Our company is a mobile marketing agency. Not only do we provide sms text message marketing programs, we help you with a plan. If you do not work the plan you will be one of those who say that text message marketing does not work. The nice thing about Pinpoint is that we do not charge you for the planning. The reality for us is that if your program is not successful, we are not successful.

Most SMS Text Message Marketing companies set up your account and tell you to call them if you need anything. Or they tell you that everything you need to know is on their website. “All you have to do is watch the videos.” This is a path for failure. Their price is usually pretty good, but if your program does not work, you paid too much. We are a little different, we assign you an account manager and that account manger is responsible for your success. Your account manager will put a “marketing plan” together with you; if you will follow that plan your program WILL BE successful.

As a matter of fact, I will guarantee it! If you follow the plan and it is not successful we will refund all of your money after 120 days. SMS text message marketing works! I can send you dozens of case studies showing that it works. Most of the top retailers in the country are using SMS. You say, well they have big marketing budgets. You are right, but our program is designed around small business and the small business budget!

Here our deal. For single location businesses we have a program that starts at $25.00 a month. It includes 400 outbound messages per month. And just as important, it includes a mobile website for your business. You say that 400 messages per month doesn’t sound like much. As your program grows we grow your package. The next package is 1600 messages for $65.00/month including the mobile website and after that we go to an unlimited outbound text program that is $150.00 a month. If you have more than one location we have programs designed for you as well. All of our programs come with our 120 day guarantee.


If you would like to talk to us about a customized program for your business, please call us at 877-743-0539 or you can email us at


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