Meet The Analyst Who Says Facebook Management “Is In A Virtual Panic” As “Growth Hits A Wall”

By Nicholas Carlson

Right now, aggressive investors – including storied hedge fund SAC Capital – are going out and loading up on Facebook shares for around $32 to $35 a pop – an implied valuation around $76 billion.


The reason why is pretty simple.

Thanks to its 750 million users, lots of people with lots of money think that Facebook is probably going to IPO at a $100 billion valuation sometime in early 2012.

These private investors also figure that Facebook will follow a pattern set by recent tech IPOs and that its stock will pop like crazy during its first few weeks on the market.

Presumably, some of these investors also believe in Facebook’s long-term prospects – its ability to grow its already multi-billion dollar profits and revenues at a pace close to the one Google set in its early years.

One man – one analyst – thinks they are wrong.

Meet PrivCo CEO Sam Hamadeh, Facebook bear.

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