eMarketer: Mobile coupon use in US to almost double by 2013

The coupon craze is set to continue as consumers increasingly use their mobile devices to bag a bargain wherever they go. A new report from eMarketer reveals that in 2013 over 16% of adult mobile users in the US will redeem a coupon using their device.

by Helen Leggatt

Coupon use has come a long way, particularly post-recession. Even youngsters are at it. A recent survey by Redplum.com found that over half (56%) of 13-17 year olds now use coupons. Even a lottery win wouldn’t stop most people from using them.

Gone are the days of an embarrassing fumble with crumpled clippings at the checkout. Today’s coupon users are loud, proud and increasingly mobile. They want to be seen swiping their iPhone or checking-in for a discount.

According to a new report released by eMarketer, “Mobile Coupons: Offers and Deals Light Up the Last Mile”, we’ll all be doing a lot more couponing. This year 20 million adults in the US will redeem a mobile coupon. By 2013 that number will nearly double and 16.5% of all adult mobile users in the US will be in on the coupon craze.

Smartphone owners use mobile coupons much more than feature phone users, for obvious reasons, found eMarketer, and use grew 117% this year. By 2013 a third of smartphone users will be redeeming coupons.

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