Mobile Ads Six Times as Effective as Standard Banners

By eMarketer

SEPTEMBER 13, 2011 

Channel, location, size and placement all matter for telecom display ads

The telecom industry is one of the biggest spenders on online advertising. Between 2010 and 2011, telecom ad spending climbed by 7% to $3.62 billion and eMarketer estimates the industry will spend close to $4.6 billion on online ads by 2015. New research suggests the industry has unlocked some key findings in order to achieve high user engagement with its display ads.

 Perhaps due to the substantial resources telecom marketers are devoting to online advertising, the industry is enjoying higher-than-average user engagement with its ads. Research from ad solution provider MediaMind (formerly Eyeblaster) suggests that ad placement, banner sizes and the time in which users view ads have an impact on engagement metrics.

According to MediaMind, for every 1 million impressions, web users “dwell” on 70,000 telecom ads and click on 1,800. MediaMind defines dwell rate as impressions that are intentionally engaged with by touch, interaction or click, and by this metric the telecom vertical outpaces nearly all other categories thanks to a dwell rate of 7.5%. Telecom is tied for second-highest vertical in terms of engagement, and trails only the sports category.


Dwell Rate for Rich Media Ads Worldwide, by Industry, Q2 2010-Q1 2011

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