Mobile coupon industry will be worth $46 billion by 2016, analysts say

By:  | Nov 2nd, 2011 at 02:40PM

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A recent report from Juniper Research suggests that the mobile coupon market will be worth $46 billion by 2015, a large jump from the $5.6 billion projected for the industry this year. Google Offers, a feature of the NFC-based Google Wallet mobile payment system, will be one catalyst for the growth. “Mobile coupons are going mainstream,” Juniper Research analyst David Snow said. “Cost effective mobile coupon campaigns are now within the reach of smaller retailers providing them with an easy way to drive profitable footfall and build customer loyalty. To ignore the potential of mobile coupons would be to ignore the future of mobile commerce.” A quick search of the iTunes App Store revealed dozens of applications for iOS devices, including apps from, GroupOn, Cellfire, Coupon Clipper and more, but there are also applications such as FourSquare that provide special offers for mobile users. Snow’s comments, which also suggest an opt-in approach could be more beneficial for retailers, complement a recent report from Retrevo that claimed retail stores are failing shoppers by not providing them with enough incentives to shop in-store instead of online. Read on for the full press release from Juniper Research.

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