Harnessing mobile trends, technology and tips from industry giants

By Kalie Kimball-Malone of Mobile Commerce Daily

Retail sales across the marketplace have been slumping, but mobile sales are on the rise. More searches are being made from mobile devices, more purchases are being made on the go, and more people are comfortable with sharing their location to get good deals.

So what does that mean for marketers? What are the mobile technologies and services to keep an eye on? And what is the best way for your brand to buck the national dip in sales, and ride the rising tide of mobile commerce?

Get inspiration for your 2012 mobile marketing by looking at some of the hot new trends, cool technologies and companies on the cutting edge.


Moving target
Whether or not you are prepared, your customers are on the go, and they are ready to spend. The indicators are staggering: this Thanksgiving, PayPal saw a 500 percent increase in mobile payment over the previous year, while Google saw a 220 percent spike in mobile shopping searches in 2011.

Smart marketers are going to take advantage of these numbers, and fast. They know that customers need to find their brands and products with mobile devices, and they know that those customers will expect both a streamlined mobile experience and incentives to visit nearby retail outlets.

That is why search, location marketing, and mobile commerce will be increasingly relevant to retail businesses in 2012.

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