Smartphones are a Shopper’s Best Friend

by David Murphy

Research released today by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB)examines the ways in which consumers are using their mobile, Tablets and PCs to research and purchase products and services, and examines the role each device plays along the purchase path.

The Mobile Online Journey Observation (MOJO) study, which was delivered by GfK’s Digital research team, seeks to understand how mobile devices and PCs are changing and influencing the ways in which consumers buy products.

Over 800 smartphone owners were interviewed about the purchase journey of their most recent purchase. In addition, the purchase behaviour of 60 Android owners was tracked across mobile and PC (using GfK’s ConnectedLife Panel) for one month. Some of these people were re-contacted for tele-depth interviews to further understand their journeys. 

The study reveals that both mobile devices and PCs play pivotal roles throughout the purchase journey. Awareness of the brand purchased via display advertising and social networks was 52 per cent on PC, and almost as high on mobile, at 45 per cent. Moving through the journey, 78 per cent of respondents researched a product on a PC, and 54 per cent via mobile. As the journey approaches the final commitment to purchase, 80 per cent opted to carry out the transaction via PC, while 34 per cent made their purchase on mobile.

The research also found that the majority of respondents were not using each device in isolation at each stage of the purchase journey. During the awareness and research phase in particular, most respondents used both devices together.

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