62 Percent Of Valentine’s Day Restaurant Searches Were Mobile

Feb 15, 2012 at 3:56pm ET by 

Google is releasing some data on mobile search and Valentine’s Day. The company said, “A whopping 62 percent of total searches for popular national chain restaurants [in the US] on Valentine’s Day occurred on high end mobile devices or tablets.”

One more time: 62 percent of all US-based national chain restaurant queries were coming from mobile devices.

Google focused on national restaurant chains because it could disambiguate and identify them as such. It could well be that the 62 percent figure extends across the entire restaurant category.

Restaurant chain searches leading up to Valentine’s Day

Google told me that it sometimes can’t tell what’s a restaurant search and what’s not. For example, someone searching for “radicchio” or “papaya” might be looking for a restaurant, recipes or nutrition facts. By contrast, Google knows for sure that Morton’s or McCormick & Schmick are restaurants.

Google also reported last-minute searches for flower-related terms grew 227 percent during the same week leading up to Valentine’s Day. On the day itself “Consumers were 560% more likely to click to make a call week over week.  And mobile clicks to get directions increased 514% over the same period as people were scrambling to find a nearby florist.”

Google also graphed click to call actions hour by hour on V-Day itself (w/in California), with an early peak at 8:30 am(ish) and another one during the lunch hour.

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