Top 10 mobile commerce advertising campaigns of Q1


April 19, 2012

Target, Subway and Sony Pictures are just a small ratio of companies who have run mobile commerce-enabled advertising campaigns this year that not only helped drive in-store foot traffic, but increase sales as well.

Mobile advertising campaigns have become a lot more sophisticated. Gone are the days when marketers would simply link an ad to a mobile-optimized site. Companies are now using location-based technology and running relevant campaigns that encourage users to click on a mobile ad.

Here are the top 10 mobile commerce advertising campaigns of the first quarter, in alphabetical order.

Bank of America
While many companies ran mobile ads to promote its new items or encouraged consumers to go to an in-store location, Bank of America took a different route.

The financial institution ran an interactive iAd campaign to catapult downloads of its mobile banking iPhone application.


The ads walked users through the app’s features and educated them on Bank of America’s mobile banking and the main goal of the ad was to get consumers to download the Bank of America iPhone app.

The mobile ad campaign was a smart move for the company. Bank of America did not need to drive foot traffic to its locations, nor did the company need to sell a new product.

Bank of America had an iPhone application already out there in Apple’s App Store and using mobile ads to drive downloads of the app was clever.

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